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Quistis plz ♥

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{ooc: Going with the suddenly a kid again prompt so Quistis can be all teacherly and big sisterly if you want to play it that way. So! Do you want an FF8 AU of Rise, or something more like the two of them in a game setting? Also, first meeting, or assumed CR of some kind? I can figure something out even if you don't have any particular preferences!}
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[ an ff8 au might be cool! and assumed cr is fine i don't mind. whatever you can come up with. c: ]
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this may be the longest prompt I've ever written

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[It had started out as such a normal day for Rise. Just the usual day-to-day routine of the Garden... student life mixed with training. Nothing remarkable or out of the ordinary at all.

So she has no idea why she's suddenly a lot smaller than she was before! She was just on her way to the secret area in the training center to hang out with some friends, and suddenly everything was so much bigger! ... Could it have been some new kind of monster?

She didn't have much time to think about it, really. Or realize that her clothes had, conveniently, shrunk down to fit. She just... suddenly panicked and ran as fast as she could to get out of there!

... Which is why Quistis Trepe might see a little girl in twintails and a child-sized student uniform, who couldn't be much older than five or six, dashing through the hall between the training center and the dormitory.

It's a brief glimpse, though, because the little girl isn't watching where she's going at all. So she crashes right into Quistis' legs.

Fortunately, a tiny thing like her can't do much damage to an adult. Unfortunately, she can do quite a bit to herself, as she bounces off and lands unceremoniously in a disheveled heap.]


[The girl's face and voice, while very young, might seem at least a bit familiar to Quistis. Even more so as she looks up and a flash of recognition dawns.]

Quistis?! I- I mean... Instructor Trepe?

[She is still an instructor, right? It's so hard to keep track with the rumor mill lately...]
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Whip prosecutor lady

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[She'd been given a name, and not much else. von Karma. Supposedly the lady had been looking into the international problem of children of a certain age being kidnapped. Alice took a personal interest in it as well. She'd asked to be put on this investigation, as she figured the morphogenetic field would come into play. She wanted to test her suspicions, and save the kids while she was at it.

Which meant that she was waiting at a cafe table in the middle of the airport. Supposedly von Karma would be getting off her plane soon, and then they could chat. Alice didn't have much to go off of; this conversation was going to be incredibly important. Hopefully for the both of them.

But she just waited. Tick tock.]
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i'm glad you specified prosecutor because i have two whip ladies on the list

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[ Fashionably late, as it were, though for once she didn't have too much control over it. Her plane was delayed. And delayed again. It was to the point that she was nearly an hour and a half late landing. Darn Atlantic skies and their near-typhoon like winds during this time of the year.

Anywho, after landing in California (oh, it was nostalgic to be back yet again), Franziska b-lined straight for her informant. She took a particular interest in this case due to the rumored 'supernatural' elements, something she'd hoped to refute with her logic alone. She admittedly did not know much yet, but that's what Alice's role was to play into all of this.

Bounding into the cafe, she slammed the frail glass door into the wall as she entered, cracking her trusty whip as if it were her signifier or bat signal. Yes, this was Franziska von Karma, it seemed to say. No one else could carry quite the same dignified, if haughty air that she did.

Spotting the woman at the table in the corner, she bounded over with her usual confident gait, stopping briefly to request a cafe au lait from the barista. ]

Ms. Alice, I presume. [ A statement, not a question. ] Franziska von Karma. Do forgive me for my tardiness. I hope I didn't leave you in suspense for too long.
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[She gave Miss von Karma a good look-over before the other sat down. Without a doubt, these were the two best dressed ladies in the room. Well, that among other things. They would probably gather a lot of attention as people walked by. Alice kept her voice conservative.]

No, you're perfectly fine. I was just looking at the file again.

[Which meant that she had to give bad news.]

Two young girls from Japan were just added to the file. Best friends, top marks in school. Seemed they were inseparable. It fits the MO of the kidnappers, and that makes it eight kids.

[Which meant that there was potentially only one kid left. They should act fast.]