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i'm glad you specified prosecutor because i have two whip ladies on the list

[ Fashionably late, as it were, though for once she didn't have too much control over it. Her plane was delayed. And delayed again. It was to the point that she was nearly an hour and a half late landing. Darn Atlantic skies and their near-typhoon like winds during this time of the year.

Anywho, after landing in California (oh, it was nostalgic to be back yet again), Franziska b-lined straight for her informant. She took a particular interest in this case due to the rumored 'supernatural' elements, something she'd hoped to refute with her logic alone. She admittedly did not know much yet, but that's what Alice's role was to play into all of this.

Bounding into the cafe, she slammed the frail glass door into the wall as she entered, cracking her trusty whip as if it were her signifier or bat signal. Yes, this was Franziska von Karma, it seemed to say. No one else could carry quite the same dignified, if haughty air that she did.

Spotting the woman at the table in the corner, she bounded over with her usual confident gait, stopping briefly to request a cafe au lait from the barista. ]

Ms. Alice, I presume. [ A statement, not a question. ] Franziska von Karma. Do forgive me for my tardiness. I hope I didn't leave you in suspense for too long.

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