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call me out.

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

refer to the list above for active muses.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/explicit/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.

meme code.

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[neither one of them liked pvp. and of course, they'd wandered into a pvp-enabled area, where death... well. it wasn't fatal. it wasn't too dangerous. but there was the possibility of losing exp and items, and it was scary as shit.

of course, someone had tried to jump them. even if either one was high enough level to really fight it, neither of them was really skilled at PVP combat. but the thing was that rion, while not having either the gear or the levels to actually fight off the PKer, did have a lot of technical skill at the game.

cue an actual two hours of drawing aggro anytime the PKer went for atoli and just tanking and healing up damage and dodging abilities. two hours before a PKKer came along to execute the PKer. two hours of the most hair-raising, tense combat-without-combat he'd ever been in, because he'd landed almost no damage; every swing had come with an effect, not to decrease HP.

after they'd gotten out of there, it was only then that he allowed himself to relax. it was probably, well, the hardest thing he'd ever done--]

That was close...
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[ this was her fault, Atoli couldn't help but think. She wanted to go for a stroll in this area. Something about the scenery here seemed special to her, different from how it was in other areas with similar themes. Atoli had claimed that the water looked especially pretty, and that the artificial chirping sounded like real, live birds.

She knew it was dangerous, but.. she wanted to go on a walk here, to share this area with Rion. It was what brought her the most joy in The World; to share all the joys of it with other players. ]

A—Are we safe now? That was awful.. [ seeing that PKKer mercilessly kill the PKer, even if he was harassing them.. it was awful. And all Atoli did was stand there. ] I hope that player is alright, too.. [ of course, referring to the PKer. She hopes he didn't lose too much by way of items. ]
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I think so.

[rion doesn't feel the same way, honestly. PKers deserve everything they get. he'd like to be a PKKer, one day; someone who doles out justice to those who deserve it. he's talked about it before, and it's one of the reasons he's worked on his mechanics; the reason they'd stayed alive was that even though equipment-wise and level-wise they were lower, he was a much more technically skilled player.]

You're okay though, right? [he's more concerned for her, even if there's no reason for that; he was the one fighting. he took the damage (well, some.)]