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picture prompt meme.

the picture prompt meme

  • See my characters in this post?
  • Respond to them with a picture (or two, or three...)
  • pictures can be from this tumblr, weheartit, or anywhere else you an think of!
  • Then I make up a setting based on the picture.
  • ( Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please! )

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that picture is scary

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[ it had been a few days since they'd awoke on that island, in that red garden. Their memories were fuzzy, but they could remember their names, and each other's faces; they knew that they were all they had. They knew that they were going to live forever. But that was about it.

They didn't plan to stay in NYC long, but for the moment, they had to find somewhere to stay. They opted for an abandoned old manor at the edge of town. It looked like it had been beautiful in its heyday; now, it was full of overgrown, twining plants. It looked like the swimming pool had been recently tended to, or at least more recently than most other things in the house; still, it was full of moss and mold was beginning to grow on the side. Foreboding cement statues lined the perimeter of the mansion, also covered in moss, looking like solaced women sleeping.

If Kate was being honest, the place was pretty weird. But it would do for now. They had to find a way to get food. That was their main priority for now. Still, Kate couldn't shake the nagging feeling that she had been here before.. Did she know the people that lived in this house? That wasn't possible, was it? The nagging feeling caused Kate to wander the expanse of the house, in the mini forest that lined the mansion.

Staring at one of the statues quizzically, she whispers to herself. ]

Lise.. why is that name so familiar?