derpiest: (what do you go home to?)
Rion Lyon ([personal profile] derpiest) wrote in [community profile] guadosalam 2013-04-28 06:53 am (UTC)

[okay, so that was probably not the best idea that rion's ever had, because holy shit he's pretty sure that was... a few ribs. and pray definitely takes the sting off of it, but that really, really was probably not his wisest plan. of course, yukiko's plan of 'GO INTO THE DUNGEON BY HERSELF' probably wasn't the best plan either, so they're even on stupid ideas.

that doesn't stop him from getting up, though. his body's already protesting against it; for all of his bravado and need to help people, rion is not exactly the sturdiest of people. and he can't yell anything to her, can't even say anything -- just hefts the sword (which looks almost comically large on him; it's clearly a two-handed sword that he's wielding in one hand), and charges. she's an oracle, and she needs space to heal and do her thing; she's not a physical fighter.

for certain definitions, he is. so her random knight in shining armor is now trying to go toe to toe with this thing, defensive, looking for some sort of opening... anywhere. he does NOT want to get hit again (unless it'd hit her. then he'll take it.)]

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