derpiest: (an ugly fact of life)
Rion Lyon ([personal profile] derpiest) wrote in [community profile] guadosalam 2013-04-28 06:32 am (UTC)


[rion would call what he was coming across a boss fight, because he's familiar with RPGs. and dyspros is basically like one of those RPGs. one huge, scary ass creature, and one potential party member pretty girl who is looking like she's in a dangerous situation.

the tiniest paladin is rushing down the corridor to help, but there's the realization that there is no way he's going to get there in time before that thing can swing; it's gotten too close to her and looks much too problematic.

no yells. no cries. nothing. he just holds up the sword he'd spent so much money buying.]

«Blade of Sacrifice»

[and braces himself for when she gets hit.]

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