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Rion Lyon ([personal profile] derpiest) wrote in [community profile] guadosalam 2013-04-21 07:07 am (UTC)


[neither one of them liked pvp. and of course, they'd wandered into a pvp-enabled area, where death... well. it wasn't fatal. it wasn't too dangerous. but there was the possibility of losing exp and items, and it was scary as shit.

of course, someone had tried to jump them. even if either one was high enough level to really fight it, neither of them was really skilled at PVP combat. but the thing was that rion, while not having either the gear or the levels to actually fight off the PKer, did have a lot of technical skill at the game.

cue an actual two hours of drawing aggro anytime the PKer went for atoli and just tanking and healing up damage and dodging abilities. two hours before a PKKer came along to execute the PKer. two hours of the most hair-raising, tense combat-without-combat he'd ever been in, because he'd landed almost no damage; every swing had come with an effect, not to decrease HP.

after they'd gotten out of there, it was only then that he allowed himself to relax. it was probably, well, the hardest thing he'd ever done--]

That was close...

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