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lady daydream ([personal profile] mourns) wrote in [community profile] guadosalam 2015-10-08 03:47 am (UTC)

inactive/needs icons/need account

because i need this now apparently.

inactive/previously played
oerba dia vanille, ffxiii ([personal profile] enlivens)
quistis trepe, ffviii ([personal profile] fieldexam)
kiki, kiki's delivery service ([personal profile] broadens)
kasumi goto, mass effect ([personal profile] kleptomania)
trucy wright, ace attorney ([personal profile] pantyraid)
lotus, 999 ([personal profile] exhibition)
ilyana, fire emblem ([personal profile] munchies)
miki hoshii, idolm@ster ([personal profile] relations)
ami futami, idolm@ster ([personal profile] amiroll)

maybe one day, who the fuck knows
nanako saeki, aku no hana ([personal profile] fillefatales)
terra branford, ffvi ([personal profile] tranced)
ike, fire emblem ([personal profile] errants)
argilla, digital devil saga ([personal profile] yauthika)
tifa lockhart, ffvii ([personal profile] harten)
garnet til alexandros xvii, ffix ([personal profile] stagecrafts)
lunafreya nox fleuret, ffxv ([personal profile] seidkona, [personal profile] peaceweaver, [personal profile] fjolkunnig, [personal profile] spakona)
mia fey, ace attorney ([personal profile] veritable)
franziska von karma, ace attorney ([personal profile] gambitting)
palutena, kid icarus ([personal profile] autoreticle)
toriel, undertale ([personal profile] cinnascotch)
fessaam adaar, dragon age inquisition ([personal profile] astaarit)
bjorne trevelyan, dragon age inquisition ([personal profile] impieties)
leliana, dragon age inquisition ([personal profile] blackbard)
cassandra pentaghast, dragon age inquisition ([personal profile] dimmen)
miranda lawson, mass effect ([personal profile] cerbitch)
edi, mass effect ([personal profile] crossplatform)
ashley, until dawn ([personal profile] onlook)
misato katsuragi, eva ([personal profile] maltbeer)
rosalina, super mario ([personal profile] stellamater)
princess peach, super mario ([personal profile] frescos)
atoli, .hack ([personal profile] innisecurities)
lara croft, tomb raider ([personal profile] speleology)
ami mizuno, sailor moon ([personal profile] crams)
tomoyo daidouji, cardcaptor sakura ([personal profile] ensembles)
d'vorah, mortal kombat ([personal profile] jezebeel)
velvet, odin sphere ([personal profile] elrit)
phi, zero escape ([personal profile] bounced)
luna, zero escape ([personal profile] milkevoli)
lillet blan, grimgrimoire ([personal profile] realtime)

need account
ahiru, princess tutu
selina kyle, gotham
samus aran, metroid
amethyst, steven universe
princess peach, paper mario
lisa lisa, jojo's bizarre adventure
hot pants, jojo's bizarre adventure
jolyne cujoh, jojo's bizarre adventure
yukako yamagishi, jojo's bizarre adventure
claire redfield, resident evil
midna, legend of zelda
michiru kaioh, sailor moon
ultimecia, final fantasy viii

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