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voice testing
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gimme dat celes-san

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[/hits random on rpvisualosities like a truck]

[It's never fun to get lost unless you choose to get lost in the first place. Especially in some mysterious woods in some unknown land, but at least the weather is nice and the sun is still out. Search far and wide, it's mostly a sea of trees with various animals and shadows roaming around. It's nice for now, but staying around at night might be an unwise decision.

There is an old wooden house hidden quite well in the woods. And a little girl on the ground in front of it, on top of a picnic blanket. Dressed like some kind of gothic princess yet she is busy with her hands instead of sitting around and being pretty. A repeated process of going through a basket, taking out whatever herb/flower/mushroom she grabs, crushing it down with various tools into pieces or powder, and putting it into small bottles.

She knows she's alone. If company stops by, then... She will just have to see what happens next.

okay really give me either of them

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[you write a thing this time i guess.

this girl is pretty much if celes was a shsl idol so go nuts.