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voice testing
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Correct. The lord of this forest, in fact. [celes, you poor soul.]

Mm... You possess great luck yet I can tell you have a selfish heart and dark thoughts. You have a strong spirit with a matching voice, but action will always speak louder than words. You are the type of person who loves to get what she wants, yes?

I'm sure you would like to leave, but my butler has not returned from duties with the other witches. I am not allowed to leave the forest or even get near the borders.

[She grabs on to the nearest tree, pulling herself up from her spot. Should be simple, but it is actually taking a lot work for her than it normally would for a person. Since she is standing (and struggling), it's noticeable on how extremely small her feet is... Small that she shouldn't walk or stand at all.

But she's grabbing some ring device that was off to the side and putting it on her waist. A snap of her fingers and the attached balloons suddenly inflates and she isn't struggling anymore.

You may be a stranger, but it would be rude to outcast a lost lady and let the werewolves get to you.

What is your name, miss?