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❤GANGSTA WIFE❤ ([personal profile] roserade) wrote in [community profile] guadosalam 2014-05-20 09:08 am (UTC)


ace attorney
maya fey / [personal profile] fullofspirits
trucy wright / [personal profile] pantyraid
franziska von karma / [personal profile] gambitting
13 y/o franziska von karma / [personal profile] filly

tsubaki yayoi / [personal profile] justices

cardcaptor sakura
tomoyo daidouji / [personal profile] ensembles

clock tower
alyssa hamilton / [personal profile] rooder

dangan ronpa/super dangan ronpa 2
celestia ludenberg / [personal profile] cheaptalk
mahiru koizumi / [personal profile] photoshoot
sayaka maizono / [personal profile] tancho

daria morgendorffer / [personal profile] morgendowner

devil survivor
hinako kujou / [personal profile] vigilantits
midori komaki / [personal profile] camgirl
yuzu tanikawa / [personal profile] complaining

rika nonaka / [personal profile] digiqueen

dragon age
isabela / [personal profile] hearties

final fantasy
eight / [personal profile] monoaocto
rydia / [personal profile] ofmist
serah farron / [personal profile] promiser
seven / [personal profile] illchosen
stella nox fleuret / [personal profile] fleurettiste
terra branford / [personal profile] tranced

fire emblem
ilyana / [personal profile] munchies
leanne / [personal profile] feathersong
maribelle / [personal profile] troubasour
nah / [personal profile] gorenado
ranulf / [personal profile] catpal

lillet blan / [personal profile] realtime

tabby / [personal profile] pawpad

tsukumo / [personal profile] constellate

the idolm@ster
ami futami / [personal profile] amiroll
miki hoshii / [personal profile] relations

mass effect
kasumi goto / [personal profile] kleptomania
miranda lawson / [personal profile] cerbitch

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
mikuru asahina / [personal profile] beamu

odin sphere
velvet / [personal profile] elrit

the path
rose / [personal profile] nebulously

yukari takeba / [personal profile] archery
chidori yoshino / [personal profile] chirp
yukiko amagi / [personal profile] inncinerate
chie satonaka / [personal profile] chieriot
kanji tatsumi / [personal profile] aggressives

akane tsunemori / [personal profile] foolspath

resident evil
helena harper / [personal profile] phagocyte
sherry birkin / [personal profile] stunrod

tales of
anise tatlin / [personal profile] galdmine
natalia luzu-kimlasca lanvaldear / [personal profile] archery
norma beatty / [personal profile] nickname
rita mordio / [personal profile] blahs

teen wolf
lydia martin / [personal profile] covalence

when they cry
satoko houjou / [personal profile] betrap
shannon / [personal profile] cuori

zero escape
luna / [personal profile] milkevoli
vlr clover / [personal profile] trefoil

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