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picture prompt meme.

the picture prompt meme

  • See my characters in this post?
  • Respond to them with a picture (or two, or three...)
  • pictures can be from this tumblr, weheartit, or anywhere else you an think of!
  • Then I make up a setting based on the picture.
  • ( Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please! )

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[ Let's pretend this is set in Dyspros! Kougyoku and Tabby are on a mission—a mission to attend a high-profile party and steal some documents. At the requester's headquarters, they are presented with a wide variety of gowns, shoes and accessories to choose from. Kougyoku peers into a jewelry box at the same time as Tabby does. ]

I have never seen necklaces in this style before!
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I bet they're super expensive and luxurious! Ooh, maybe they belonged to a noblewoman? Or a queen? I bet they belonged to a queen.

[ this progression goes quickly, then she's taking out a fancy (and heavy) one she thinks fits her, and twirls around with it. ]

Well? How do I look, Kou-san? Like a princess?
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