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unused accounts

[personal profile] 104 - shiki misaki, twewy
[personal profile] aegises - eirika, fe8
[personal profile] aeons - yuna, ffx
[personal profile] aggressives - kanji tatsumi, p4
[personal profile] amiroll - ami futami, im@s
[personal profile] animuses - naoto shirogane, p4
[personal profile] anaclitic
[personal profile] archery - i don't even know this has been an account for natalia from tales of the abyss and allison argent from teen wolf
[personal profile] aromas - mai kujaku, yugioh
[personal profile] blahs - rita mordio, ToV
[personal profile] boolala - lady bow, paper mario
[personal profile] bounced - phi, virtue's last reward
[personal profile] camgirl - midori komaki, DeSu
[personal profile] catpal - ranulf, fe9
[personal profile] chenilles - amy sorel, soul calibur
[personal profile] cherubize - alita tiala, ace attorney
[personal profile] chieriot - chie satonaka, p4
[personal profile] circlebred - mage warden, da:o
[personal profile] cerbitch - miranda lawson, mass effect
[personal profile] complaining - yuzu tanikawa, DeSu
[personal profile] constellate - tsukumo, karneval
[personal profile] construes - armin arlelt, aot
[personal profile] crepuscle
[personal profile] divined - l'arachel, fe8
[personal profile] delicaxe - lissa, fe:a
[personal profile] elrit - velvet, odin sphere
[personal profile] engrosses
[personal profile] fabric
[personal profile] famhula - lilo, lilo & stitch
[personal profile] filly - franziska von karma (13), ace attorney
[personal profile] fleurettiste - stella nox fleuret, ffxv
[personal profile] foodchain - kyouko sakura, pmmm
[personal profile] foolspath - akane tsunemori, psycho-pass
[personal profile] galdmine - anise tatlin, tota
[personal profile] grandmaster - grimsley, pokemon
[personal profile] gorenado - nah, fe:a
[personal profile] heartchoker - yukari takeba, p3
[personal profile] hearties - isabela, da2
[personal profile] illchosen - seven, ff:type-0
[personal profile] justices tsubaki yayoi, blazblue
[personal profile] lauded - christa renz, aot
[personal profile] lingeries - panty anarchy, p&swg
[personal profile] loliris - lymle lemuris phi, so4
[personal profile] magicker
[personal profile] monoaocto - eight, ff:type-0
[personal profile] mourns
[personal profile] ofmist - rydia, ffiv
[personal profile] palate
[personal profile] persists - ellie, TLoU
[personal profile] phagocyte - helena harper, re6
[personal profile] prognosis - joan watson, elementary
[personal profile] promiser - serah farron, ffxiii-2
[personal profile] propellears - cream the rabbit, sonic
[personal profile] pubescent
[personal profile] refulgence
[personal profile] roseates - madoka kaname, pmmm
[personal profile] scrappy - aoba seragaki, dmmd
[personal profile] selfcreate - yayoi kamishiro, lux-pain
[personal profile] shelltered - pearl fey, ace attorney
[personal profile] speleology - lara croft, tomb raider
[personal profile] stunrod - sherry birkin, re6
[personal profile] tancho - sayaka maizono, dangan ronpa
[personal profile] tinctured
[personal profile] tranced - terra branford, ff6
[personal profile] troubasour - maribelle, fe:a
[personal profile] vigilantits - hinako kujou, DeSu2
[personal profile] witnessing - mika nozaki, lux-pain
[personal profile] verdurous - leaf, pokemon
[personal profile] whiner - neimi, fe8

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