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❤ lasting psychological and/or emotional trauma (within a horror setting or not)
❤ Pokemon au
❤ Silent Hill au
❤ trapped together scenario; a la saw or 999
❤ stolen from rune — x-men style power au
❤ witch or coven au
❤ mercenaries au
❤ .hack au
❤ solving a murder
❤ paranoia
❤ space au. esp space horror au
❤ urban fantasy au
❤ unhealthy relationship; whether it be platonic or not, maybe codependence

character specific
❤ x-2 yuna and tidus kicking ass
❤ yuna and kimahri bonding
❤ ashe teaming up with the sky pirates again (maybe au?)
❤ fuuka being a physical fighter au
❤ fuuka shadow!!
❤ celes and another smarmy bastard playing a 'chess' game
❤ chidori cam girl au
❤ akane and junpei meeting in the future
❤ clover insanity
❤ vanille bad end au
❤ chidori and mondo sleep dep stuff
❤ despair mikan
❤ bayonetta and dante going at it
❤ anthy making people fight over her
❤ horror girls (it'll happen carmen)
❤ liara or samara meeting other aliens
❤ merrill meeting other elves
❤ morrigan meeting (and clashing) with other mages, particularly animagi
❤ kiki and other ghibli girls
❤ memloss phi
❤ keyblade champion kairi
❤ zelda meeting another zelda or link or ganondorf incarnation
❤ zelda and peach. that's it. also zelda and rosalina and zelda and any nintendo lady